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Brand Identity and Brand Development

WideScope is a training program pioneered by Kurt Haakenstad that helps develop young adults on physical, mental and emotional levels. His curriculum includes both sports training as well as college counseling. The combination ensures that his students find the perfect college match for their chosen sport, their style of learning, and their grade point average.





When designing his brand, we wanted to make sure that it was professional, welcoming and athletic. Since we were designing his brand from the ground up, we spent a substantial amount of time brainstorming name ideas. After coming up with WideScope Young Adult Active Development, we brainstormed ideas for the logo. At first, I wanted to express the action and movement involved in the brand. I utilized a lot of soft curves and flowing lines.

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After this revision, Kurt decided that they were a little too soft and feminine and looked more akin to a hotel brand than a sports brand. In the final revision, I got to the current logo. The open boxes symbolize upward mobility and living outside of the box while the angular lines depict living a structured life. The logo is bold, bright and welcoming and with simple manipulations, create a W and an S.

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