What is Truss?

Truss is a self-teaching guitar with an accompanying app that teaches users how to play with instant real-time feedback. With the use of LED lights set under the strings, the player can easily follow along with both the sheet music on the app, and the guides on the neck of their guitar.  

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Truss Lesson Plans

One of Truss’ features is its video lesson plans. Each lesson has a split screen. The top of the screen is the Truss instructor’s hands and the bottom is the real-time playback. The real-time playback showcases the guide lights on the neck of the user’s Truss guitar as well as where your fingers actually are.


Truss Songs

Truss also comes with a library of songs to learn. One can pick by song, difficulty level, or by a friend’s recommendation. Truss also offers in-app song purchases so you’re never out of songs to learn. Once on the song screen, it’s simple to click on a specific chord and get a detailed version of said chord. On the song screen, you can either play along with a background track, record a video of yourself playing, or simply learn the chords to play on your own.


Truss on Social Media

Once you’re done playing a song, learning a chord, or completing a lesson, you can share your accomplishment via social media. In addition, you earn badges. Earn enough badges and you can unlock some of the in-app songs otherwise available for purchase.







My Roles:

UX, UI, Screen Design, Logo Design

Partner’s Roles:

UX, UI, User Testing Facilitator
After completing initial market research, my partner and I found that the technology existed for the production of this guitar, however, none of the products currently out on the market reflect the real experience of playing. Many had entirely digital interfaces or resembled more of a horizontal MPK. We found that utilizing frets as push buttons to activate LED lights, the guitar could in theory be used both while plugged in as well as on its own, something we felt was key to creating a more akin experience to playing a real guitar. After solidifying its ability to exist, we created 4 user personas based on the demographic research we found on who is purchasing guitars.


Using our personas, we created a customer journey map to define where the pain points would occur during the process of deciding to purchase Truss as well as first starting to use the guitar and app.


After several rounds of paper prototyping and user testing, we created our initial wireframes for the Truss app.


We used these wireframes to user test in a digital environment, using Marvel App and a ukelele. With the results of the user testing, we continued to tweak and user test and tweak and user test.

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