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The Year Was is a magazine in which each issue focuses on a specific year in time. From fashion to beauty to music to history, the magazine concentrates¬†on women’s interest genres with a vintage flair. You learn who the muses were from that era, and those who still consider them muses today. Here are a few of the spreads from that magazine that helps you find your style in the past.






After completing the print magazine, I researched how important it is for a magazine to have a strong brand. They can’t survive on print alone anymore. I extended the brand through collateral, both print and online.


With the brand expansion I researched the importance of having a web presence and a strong business plan. After developing a website, I incorporated a shopping component wherein one could either purchase sponsored items (like makeup from Sephora) or one could buy an item made by The Year Was brand.


The shopping page can be filtered by year, brand, category of item and lastly by size. The Year Was sells both sponsored items found in the print and online magazine as well as their own brand. In the 1967 issue, both Sephora and Madewell sponsored articles and the items featured are sold here.