SAFE Alliance

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This project, given to me through our LGBT marketing specialist, Rachael Brister at GreenRubino, was for The Washington Safety & Access For Everyone Alliance. SAFE Alliance is a coalition of organizations and individuals alike who have joined together to help provide safety and to fight for anti-discrimination, particularly those who define themselves as transgender.

The founding members of SAFE Alliance wanted a logo mark that felt inclusive in all sense of the word. They didn’t want to exclude anyone from their work. They were also adamant about not strictly sticking to colors found in either the pride or transgender flags. They wanted the color palette to be calming and not induce stress or any sort of anger, hence the choice for teal.

While I was working on the creation of the logo mark, I wanted to choose something that was instantly recognizable, that had a meaning that fit with their mantra of being inclusive. The ampersand inherently is indicative of inclusivity. It welcomes anyone and everyone. The circle is never ending and holds the ampersand like a safety net.

The mark can be found on their site

Agency: GreenRubino

LGBT Marketing Specialist: Rachael Brister

Brand Strategist: Lynn Parker