Pip Pediatric Dentistry


Pip Pediatric Dentistry is a collaborative and integrated group of pediatric dentists in the greater Seattle area. Their goal is to creatively problem solve for each child’s unique and individual smile. The name Pip reflects the growth and nurturing of a small seed developing into adulthood.


After doing a full competitive analysis of both pediatric dentists and companies with the name Pip, we found that many of them use the trope of a seed or a tree as their main logo mark. We found that something more unique that didn’t necessarily imply a seed was going to be more successful in the long run. Pip also pride themselves in their creative and individualistic approach to pediatric dentistry. With this knowledge, we explored different methods of treating the word Pip that suggested creativity more so than a more see and say approach of plant life. I ultimately landed on a stamp look that both is reminiscent of children’s artwork, but also of something that is unfinished and unique, like a kid. I chose colors that were slightly warmer and not as harsh as primary colors, also to nod to a children’s aesthetic. At the end of the process, the client was extremely pleased by the result and found that it married perfectly with their brand values and was unique enough to stand out in their field.


My Roles:

Branding, Logo Creation, Visual Identity System, Pip Alphabet

Project Completed at:


For more, please review the visual identity system and guidelines we created.