Meydenbauer Center



Meydenbauer Center is the convention center of Bellevue Washington. After around twenty years of the same infrastructure and logo, Meydenbauer Center underwent a huge renovation and with it, wanted to refresh their visual identity.

After lots of exploration, the client agreed that a refresh of the logo was the best route as opposed to an entirely new concept. The large M with the connection to the C has distinctly been in their mark for years. The slight arch that brings the letters together mimics the arch on the actual architecture of the building. The modern, sans-serif typeface matched with the more modern aesthetic of the interior design as well. Their environmental designs include large scale angular diagonal lines in bright colors so having a mark mimic the walls and lighting fixtures was key to create cohesion and harmony in the brand. Because of the variety of bright colors and modern patterns, we wanted to provide them with a plethora of options to marry with the textures on the inside.
My Roles:

Branding, Logo Creation, Visual Identity System

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For more, please review the visual identity system and guidelines we created.