La Bacinella is a fictional cooking-ware store in Ballard. La Bacinella, meaning “bowl” in Italian, carries high-quality kitchen tools from larger companies like Le Creuset, in addition to traditional Italian crockery hand-made by Sicilian artisans. They also host cooking classes with local chefs and home-cooks and have a strong web presence where one can sign up for said events or simply look up recipes on their blog “In the Kitchen”.





I knew when tasked with creating the branding for an Italian cooking-ware store that I wanted to create something very modern with a subtle nod to traditional Italian aesthetics. The challenge was creating a logo that still was friendly and inviting, without using bold swashes of color or excessive illustrations. My inspiration behind the logo was taken from classic Sicilian bowls (bacinella) and plates with their gorgeous patterns and shapes. As I researched, I started noticing specific patterns that showed up from bowl to bowl. For example, all of their lines ended with a circular finial. Many repeated patterns showcased the same symbols but upside down. There are dots and curly-cues everywhere. I then, utilized the symbol of a heart-shaped bowl as the focal point of the mark, showcasing it both being filled up with food (the dot), and then being emptied. Pairing this with a rounded sans-serif font assured that the logo was both friendly and modern.