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In the beginning stages of the Flying Apron rebrand, my partner and I brainstormed three brand character words that encompass the most important traits of Flying Apron. We decided upon earnest, transparent and innovative. We used these three words to guide our visual design, utilizing hand crafted textures and hand modified lettering, a strong grid structure for easy reading and patterns that showcase a sense of motion.




My Roles:

Branding, Logo Creation, Art Direction

Partner’s Roles:

Branding, Logo Creation, Layout Design

This was our initial mood board to depict how we wanted to represent our brand. We picked random images to represent each brand character word and from there found patterns in nature, human elements and bursts of light. Those elements became a hand crafted grid structure with hand drawn lines, a burst of color and movement in the logo and several hand touched collateral from stamps to rustic cedar.


From there, we worked on multiple logo iterations, incorporating motion from our brand word “innovative” yet wanted to keep an earnest feel at the same time. This ended up in an amalgamation of logos, using a typeface that I found, and using the burst of rays that emulate a sunbeam and a grain mill.

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After coming up with the logo, the specifics of our grid structure and our hand crafted elements, we thought about the rest of the brand and how photography would be utilized throughout. We once again looked back on our three brand character words and came up with three specific shots, one from above, one up-close and one comfortable candid shot.

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For more on the process, please review the brand book guidelines